Insights into the world of business services in international law firms and accounting firms

On this page, we want to inform our readers at irregular intervals about the latest developments in the law firm and auditing industry and to report on the market of employees who stand behind the professionals.


Review of the year 2017

Never before have there been so many head of marketing / business development changes in law firms in one year (at least 10 changes or withdrawals) as in 2017. As if the law firm had made an appointment. Reasons for the “restructuring” were u.a. the desire for new ideas and strategies in the area of ​​marketing / business development (some heads have been on their posts for a very long time), cost pressure and a stronger connection of the German teams to the offices in London, where usually the EMEA Heads of Marketing / Business Development. As a result, the Wechselkarussel on the lower hierarchical levels was set in motion.

Overall, the number of employees in 2017 Marketing / Business Development increased further. By the end of 2017, it is estimated that more than 800 people worked in marketing, business development and PR, half in law firms and half in accounting firms. We expect the number of employees in these areas to increase in the future as well. The weight of business services in law firms continues to increase in our view, also thanks to “Legal Tech”.


Why legalbizz?

Shortly after the founding of match personalberatung in 2004, a focus on law firms took place. Later, accounting firms were added. Since then, the number of business service employees has developed strongly, and the trend continues to increase. In particular, marketing and business development has won its place in law firms and is no longer questioned by the professionals.

Therefore, we have decided to give the area of ​​the so-called Business Services with more space and expression. Incidentally, all readers are invited to write articles themselves and submit them to us. On request, we also publish the article anonymously. Simply send an e-mail to We want to promote the exchange in the industry.